Sa Dec was a pleasant stop during our cycling trip in the Mekong delta. While in this area, we usually enjoyed cycling around much more than visiting cities, Sa Dec was an exception. Although it was a rather small city, we spent a whole day there. It was a great place to walk around, boasting several colonial buildings and a very large number of temples.

Cycling from Can Tho to Sa Dec

This was probably our least pleasant cycling day in the Mekong delta. We had no other choice than to take large, boring roads; part of our itinerary even went through a large industrial area. The most enjoyable part took place a few kilometers after crossing the river via the Rạch Nọc ferry; we had a great ride on a tiny road. However, apart from this small stretch, it was a forgettable day (actually the only one in the whole Mekong delta !)

House of Marguerite Duras’ lover

This house was made famous by the 1992 movie based on Marguerite Duras’ book “The lover”. It is located close to the market area, along the river. It’s interesting to visit the house to get an idea about its appearance when the book’s events took place !

The house of Marguerite Duras' lover in Sa Dec


Many, many temples are found in this city. While several of them were built recently and are mostly uninteresting, there are several old ones which are worth a look !

One of the many temples in Sa Dec

Also, on the Northern part of the city, you’ll find an impressive Cao Dai temple. Inside, a surprising painting shows Victor Hugo, Sun Yat-sen and a Vietnamese poet named Nguyen Binh Khiem; they’re supposed to be saints for this religion.

Cao Dai temple in Sa Dec

Old colonial houses

Several colonial houses are founds around the city. While many are in a bad shape or hidden behind new ugly buildings, several make great pictures opportunities.

Old colonial house in Sa Dec

The many rusty signs on dilapidated buildings are another interesting view. Along the river, the buildings look much older than in the center; their worn-out appearance is a welcome change from the new, ugly Vietnamese buildings seen everywhere else.

Another dipalidated Sa Dec house

Em café

While walking along the river, we came across a nice-looking café. As it was extremely hot, even with the small breeze blowing along the river, we decided to have a break there. It looks like an expensive place but prices were actually very reasonable, and the employees were surprisingly smiling. There was a small terrace which was perfect to enjoy the view of the river while being shielded from the sun.

EM café in Sa Dec

EM Coffee Milktea,

Another great place for a drink was the outdoors place selling smoothies, located on Cai Son. While the small river there sometimes smelt bad, it was a pleasant place. The variety of available fruits were truly impressive, and the smoothies were great and cheap (VND 20 000, less than €0.70).

Angel hotel

We stayed in that shiny new hotel for two nights. Its only drawback was to be slightly away from the city center. Apart from that, it was a great place to stay : the staff was welcoming, the bed were clean, the room was comfortable, and the bathroom pleasant to use. In one word, it was as close to perfection as a Vietnamese budget accommodation can be !

Angel hotel, Phường 1, Sa Đéc,



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