Our Vietnamese cyclo-touring itinerary will take us towards the South of the country, alternating mountainous areas and the coast. Once we’re past Saigon, we’ll explore the Mekong delta before heading to Cambodia.

I’ll regularly update this article with detailed links to pages on Endless Travel detailing our visits. They currently point to Travelfish, which we heavily used to prepare our itinerary.

Map of our Vietnamese cyclo-touring itinerary

This itinerary was created using Le planificateur de voyages

Hoi An’s surroundings

After riding the impressive distance of 30 kilometers, we’ll spend several days exploring Hoi An, whose old town is one of Unesco’s World heritage sites.

Lanterns in Hoi An

A quick ride will then take us to Tam Ky where we’ll visit Tam Thanh’s mural paintings as well as Cham towers.

Mural painting in Tam Thanh

Our next stop will be the little-known island of Tam Hai, a bit further at the South.

Very vivid colours on the beach at Tam Hai

We’ll then return to Hoi An for a few days before visiting My Son‘s Cham temples and head West.

Central highlands

Reaching Vietnam’s central highlands provided us with the opportunity to climb a bit.

Mist over the hills between Thanh My and Dak Glei

We’ll spend some time in Kon Tum; the surrounding area is inhabited by many minorities, and we hope we’ll be able to have a trek in order to visit minority villages.

Kon Tum's Konklor bridge

Finally, headed to Plei Ku before returning to Kon Tum and heading back to the coast.

Phu Cuong waterfall

We relied a lot on Vietnam Coracle‘s article on Ho Chi Minh road in order to plan this section.

The coast

Our Vietnamese cyclo-touring itinerary will then proceed along the coast, from Quang Ngai to Phang Rang – Thap Cham. We hope to see beautiful landscapes and beaches !

As a side note, in Vietnam the beaches are often accessible only to costumers of nearby resorts. Our budget is thus likely to suffer a bit in this area.

Da Lat

Next comes a bit more climbing in order to reach Da Lat, a lovely town where we’ll probably spend a few days. Then our ride will be a bit tortuous, following yet another itinerary from Vietnam Coracle. In addition to the beautiful landscapes we’ll likely to see, we plan to visit Cat Tien natural park.

Ho Chi Minh Ville (Saigon)

Urban hell, here we come ! We’re a bit concerned about riding in Saigon, as the riding conditions in such a large metropolis are likely to be really tough.

We’ll probably get our Thai visa there. Indeed, the visa exemption is only valid for 30 days and its renewal for one month costs nearly double the visa price. Our current Thai itinerary is already 40 days long; if we include the visits are rest days, we’ll quickly reach the 2 months limit. Getting a visa may allow us to stay up to 3 months if we get an extension.

We also plan a train trip in order to reach Phan Thiet and Mui Ne – they were originally included in our cyclo-touring itinerary but are now a bit too far to be worth cycling there -. We could also reach these places by bus from Dalat, but the train will be much more enjoyable !

Mekong delta

If we survive our Saigon stop, our next destination will be the Mekong delta. Many cities famous for their floating markets are located in this area. It we also give us the opportunity to rest our legs a bit while taking a boat tour on the Mekong river.


Before crossing the border to reach Cambodia, we plan to visit several islands : Nam Du, Hai Tac and Phu Quoc. However I’ve often read about Nam Du (and maybe Hai Tac) being off-limits for foreigners so we’ll have to find out.