After spending several days riding from Hoi An to Kon Tum, we took a well deserved break in this nice city. It felt much more peaceful than most other cities in Vietnam.

We went around the city by bicycle, but thanks to its small size, Kon Tum is also easily explored by feet.

Kon Tum’s religious buildings

We were surprised to find so many religious buildings in Kon Tum. Their style is really different from what we’re used to seeing in Europe.

Wooden church

Formally named Immaculate Conception Cathedral, this is a very beautiful building. It’s made of dark wood and really stands out.

Kon Tum's wooden church

The church was closed when we went there on a Sunday morning, which was a bit surprising to us. As we came back in the late afternoon, we realized that the mass took place at this time. The church seemed very crowded, and people actually sat outside on plastic chairs in order to listen to the priest !

Bishop of Kontum building

This is a surprising place. It’s a large building surrounded by a beautiful garden. The dark wood on the facade reminded us of the wooden church ! There’s apparently a small ethnics museum inside but we unfortunately didn’t find any information about it. However, many wooden statues can be found on the garden.

Bishop of Kon Tum building

Tan Huong church

While this church is a bit more classical than the wooden church, it’s still a very beautiful building. It looks totally immaculate – just look at the reflections above the stairs ! –

kon Tum's Tan Huong church

Konklor bridge

This impressive metallic bridge is located on the East part of the city. It’s especially beautiful in the late afternoon, as its structure is brightened by the sun. Further on this road are located several ethnic villages.

Kon Tum's Konklor bridge

Right before reaching the bridge, a traditional house is located on the right side of the road. Although it’s huge, we nearly missed it as it’s partially hidden by trees !

Eva café

We spent a large part of the afternoon in this very pleasant café. It’s located close to the road leading to the Konklor bridge. Many different spaces are available. Will you prefer to sit at a table made of tree trunks, on a metal swing set, or inside the candle lit lounge ? Exploring the whole place will take some time and will allow you to discover the creations of the artist behind Eva café. They’re often inspired by local ethnics.

Items inspired by local ethnics at Eva café, Kon Tum

Address : 5 Phan Chu Trinh

Another pleasant other place to have a drink is Gác Xép (164 Ngô Quyền, Thống Nhất, Kon Tum). This café is nicely decorated but was a bit noisy to our taste.


We stayed at Thịnh Vượng hotel (16 Nguyễn Trãi, Thống Nhất, Kon Tum) twice. For 220 000 dong, we got a large room, nicely decorated and quiet. The bathroom was better on our first stay; the second time, it was poorly lit and there was no bathtub. The staff and owner were very helpful, a welcome change from most other places we stayed at ! It’s conveniently located with many food opportunities around. Overall we really recommend this hotel !


You can get your laundry done at a place located at the crossing of Tràn Quang Khài and


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