In addition to several famous coastal cities, Vietnam’s South central coast offers many beautiful undeveloped coastal areas.

Vietnam's South central coast

Our itinerary

We started our bicycle tour in Danang. Our first stop was the nearby city of Hoi An, famous for its old city.

We then headed to Tam Ky, where we visited Cham temples. Another touristic attraction close to Tam Ky is Tam Thanh’s mural paintings.

The small and little-known island of Tam Hai was our next stop. In spite of precarious living conditions we really enjoyed our stay there !

Finally we returned to Hoi An, and after a few more days spent there we headed towards Vietnam’s central highlands.

We returned to the South central coast via QL24 and reached Quang Ngai. The very bad weather incited us to take the train in order to reach Gia, home of Diep Son sandbar. We then followed the coast to Doc Let, Nha Trang, and started cycling the highlight of this area : Cam Lap promontory and the whole coast from there to the twin cities of Phang Ran Thap Cham.

At this point, we returned to the central highlands in order to visit Dalat.