Vietnam’s central highlands are famous for their coffee. Another attraction is the many ethnics inhabiting this hilly area.

Vietnam's central highlands

Our itinerary

Riding from Hoi An to the central highlands took us several days.

We then took a well deserved rest day in the peaceful city of Kon Tum before heading further South to Plei Ku. Kon Tum is much more quiet than most Vietnamese cities and we enjoyed staying there.

While Plei Ku is a rather ugly city, its surroundings offer many beautiful natural sights, and are seldom visited by foreigners. The stunning Phu Cuong waterfall, while remote, is really worth a visit. If you visit this area at the right time of the year, Dak Doa’s pink fields offer a nice half-day trip. Finally, Bien Ho Crater Lake is located very close to Plei Ku so going there was a no-brainer !

Back in Kon Tum, we spent 3 days trekking in the nearby hills hosting many minority villages, then headed back to the South central coast via the beautiful QL24.