Bien Ho crater lake is located very close to Plei Ku. After Dak Doa’s pink fields and Phu Cuong waterfall, it was the last natural site we planned to visit in Plei Ku’s surroundings.

Reaching Bien Ho crater lake from Plei Ku

We decided to visit the lake on our way back to Kon Tum. We headed north on QL14, and after seeing the sign for Plei Ku airport, kept on the QL14 for about 3 kilometers. There, a large roundabout allowed us to turn right on DT671. After one more kilometer, a very small sign indicated the lake on our left. We passed a large white gate, which lead to a small downhill road.

We quickly reached the end of the road, where a small promontory is built. From there, we had an un-obstructed view on Bien Ho crater lake.

Bien Ho crater lake

In a country where many natural sites are changed into a kind of Disleyland, it’s a relief to see that the lake is totally empty. No tourist boat, no concrete animal on the banks… I didn’t even see anyone using a selfie stick. Or maybe I saw one and drowned that person into the lake. Go figure… 🙂

Bien Ho crater lake

Actually the space behind Bien Ho crater lake’s promontory seems to be very little cared for. The guard-rails are broken down, the pavement is uneven… and I wish more Vietnamese sites actually looked like that 🙂

Offerings at Bien Ho crater lake's promontory

While it’s not visible on the picture, the lake is actually quite long – around 10 kilometers –

Hills and forests behind :Bien Ho crater lake

Final thoughts about Plei Ku and its surroundings

We really don’t regret taking the time to go to Plei Ku from Kon Tum !

The farthest site we visited, Phu Cuong waterfall, was extremely spectacular, and well worth the effort needed to go there. While less impressive, Dak Doa’s golden pink fields were a nice half-day trip from the city. And visiting Bien Ho crater lake on our way back to Kon Tum added a new element to a road we already knew.

Regarding the city itself, while the mix of concrete and corrugated sheet really doesn’t make an appealing sight, we really enjoyed ourselves there. Great food and nice cafés, coupled with a great hotel made our stay there very pleasant !

Return trip to Kon Tum

Our return trip to Kon Tum was uneventful. It was mostly a gentle downhill, so we didn’t have to make much effort. We were back in Kon Tum around lunch time.

This time we chose to stay at Thinh Vuong hotel (Khách Sạn Thịnh Vượng, 16 Nguyễn Trãi, Thống Nhất, Kon Tum). For 220 000 dongs per night, we got a large, clean room in a quiet area of the city.

We’ll spend the next two days hanging around and taking care of our bicycles. Then, on Monday, we’ll take a 3-days trek with Highland Eco Tours

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