Hi !

In this page we’ll tell you a bit more about us.


It’s not easy to write about myself but I will do my best.

I remember the day my father offered me a globe, I was so happy ! And then, I could not stop admiring it. I dreamed of seeing a lot of countries in this globe with real eyes.

My very first foreign country of my life was France. I had started learning French at the age of 16. And my dream was discovering the culture and the landscape of this beautiful country. My dream of France is now fulfilled. Also, I had the chance to discover some other countries while living in France.

Now is the time to realize another dream, which is to discover Asia by bicycle with my beloved husband. So, I decided to go out of my comfort zone and to quit my job as a legal auditor to come back to the source, to see the world, to discover more and more my beautiful homeland Vietnam. This is my project of life and I am so excited about it ! And I am so fortunate to realize this adventure with my husband who loves and supports me in every way.


I’m in my early forties – time flies ! – I’ve been living in a Parisian suburb since the year 2000, working as an IT developer. I loved coding (I actually still do) but it only took me a few years to start questioning the interest of the 9-5 life. Should we work five long days a week, just to enjoy a small week-end ? Worse, even if French people are actually lucky to have 5 weeks of paid holidays, I really didn’t see the point of working during a whole year, just to rush during whatever holidays time I had. Surely there had to be alternatives, allowing me to travel more instead of being stuck inside ?

One defining moment of my life was my first bicycle trip in China. I first took a group tour there, which was actually great, but I was frustrated by the lack of freedom. At that time I was rather active, roller-skating a lot, so the following autumn I ended up taking a solo bicycle trip in South China with Bike China (cf links page). I enjoyed it so much that I signed up for another trip with them the following year. This time I planned only one week with the guide, and the remaining two weeks by myself. It was an extraordinary experience, riding solo in areas where virtually no tourist went. I suffered a lot as the Yunnan and Sichuan mountains are rather challenging, but I loved every moment of it ! Since that day, it became hard for me to imagine holidays without a bicycle.

Fast-forward something like 10 years, and now I’m finally ready to leave for the big adventure I’ve been dreaming about for a long time. And I’m extra lucky to share it with the one I love <3